Company history

May 2008: Start of the development


Krones AG start their valve technology development.

November 2010: Krones present their own valve series


Evoguard valves – field-oriented and innovative components

Perfection in every detail has always been the motto for all Krones systems. In order to meet this requirement, Krones AG offer their own valve technology. Evoguard provide an efficient valve series from their own production. The components are designed in all common connection variants with the common nominal sizes for the beverage and food industry and offer many advantages for the daily routine and maintenance work.

November 2012: Krones present aseptic valves at the Brau Beviale
May 2013: The Krones valve production moves into their own building


Former Schlingman area is new home of Evoguard

Very close to their subsidiary in Nittenau, Krones AG established a building for their newly developed business field Evoguard valve production. With their successful advance into the market segment where in the past products used to be bought from a third supplier, the new building is just the next logical step. In 2010, the ambition to increase the value chain ratio in the process technology business with its own valve series for the beverage and food industry lead to the foundation of the manufacturing segment "390 valve production". After two years of production with increasing production figures some halls became too small. Another advantage of the own Evoguard hall is that all areas and departments regarding the product have been consolidated ranging from the sales department, the engineering department all the way to the goods receiving and outgoing goods departments. This saves time, distances and costs not only in the material flow.

September 2013: Evoguard present their own pump series


At the drinktec, Krones present for the first time their own Evoguard pump series. The first self-developed product is a single-stage, normal priming and hygienic recirculation pump.

The quality assurance system for the Evoguard pump series complies with the well-proven quality control of Krones AG. All components are batch tracking, and if required, provided with a certificate. The rating "Made in Germany" speaks also for the quality of the pumps. The "All from one supplier" principle combined with the Krones process technology provide an optimal design of the lines and maximum process reliability.

January 2014: Krones hive off their valve technology field into the Evoguard GmbH


Krones, the world market leader in the beverage and packaging technology have hived off their valve technology field into the Evoguard GmbH.

Evoguard GmbH is based in Nittenau, Germany, and belongs to Krones AG 100 % . The company start their business in Nittenau in the beginning of January 2014.

Several years ago Krones began to develop their own valves series using the name Evoguard. This series is optimally designed for the requirements in the beverage and food industry as well as for the dairy industry. Due to these many years of experience in valve development and the extensive knowledge in customer requirements, Krones has now a complete and technologically leading product range which is not only interesting for the beverage and food industry but also optimally suitable for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

April 2019: Evoguard expands capacities


Now that the order volume of Evoguard GmbH has almost doubled in recent years, the Krones subsidiary is expanding its production capacity in Nittenau. The official ground-breaking ceremony for the plant's expansion took place in April 2019.

"The demand for the pumps and valves built by Evoguard is so great that we were bursting at the seams. With the investment in the expansion we can now further increase our production without any problems and thus secure the competitiveness as well as the future of the Nittenau location," explained the managing director of Evoguard GmbH Martin Zierer.

The company is building a production hall and an office extension on an area of around 2,000 m2. The existing hall will be used for storage and assembly in the future. Completion is scheduled for October 2019.

From left to right: Helmut Hummel, construction company Gebr. Donhauser, Matthias Altmann, engineering office Altmann, Franz Zollner and Jürgen Schötzigk, both Krones AG, Karl Bley, mayor of Nittenau, Martin Zierer, Evoguard GmbH, MdL Joachim Harnisch and Armin Ott, Krones AG, at the ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion of the Evoguard plant.

2023: Takeover of Ampco Pumps Inc. by Krones


With the takeover of Ampco Pumps Inc. by Krones, the Group's pump programme is expanded.

Facts about Ampco Pumps Company, Inc.

  • Founded in 1949
  • 130 employees
  • USA plant site:
    • 10,000 square metres of production and office space in Glendale, WI
    • 1,450 square metres of production space in Milwaukee, WI
    • 900 square metres of production space in Stockton, CA

Headquarters Glendale (Wisconsin), USA

  • Sales hub Herxheim, Germany: 
  • Founded in 2011
    • Spare parts warehouse, service team and technical support for fast and direct supply to European customers.

Ampco Pumps GmbH - Herxheim, Germany